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Be #UNselfie, Join The #GivingTuesday Movement

#GIVINGTUESDAY is a movement, a day dedicated to giving back. On this day, charities, families, community centers, students and business from around the world come together to praise generosity, and to give. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 is #GIVINGTUESDAY

Give time, give your voice, give a few dollars, give one step at a time, give a mile, give twenty. For Runwell, these simple ways to give mean a chance at recovery for those who may have never had the chance otherwise.

Ways to Support Runwell on Dec 2:  

Sign up for a Runwell event - we have all different types of races to train for, and training programs to go with them. By signing up, you will accomplish endeavors beyond your perceived limits.  

Become a Runwell Ambassador - many of our ambassadors are in recovery themselves, they encourage others to become involved, promote awareness, and speak openly for the disease of addiction and actively participate in their community. 

- Donate to Runwell - if you can't join in on an event, you can still join us in providing a chance at recovery to those afflicted with the disease of addiction. 

Donate to a Runwell runner - many of our athletes are also recovering addicts or have experienced addiction take its toll on a loved one. Each endeavor is a passionate achievement in the movement to lift the stigmas associated with addiction. 

Show your support with an #UNselfie: 

Tell everyone you can about how you are giving and encourage them to join the #GivingTuesday movement by signing up to run with us, become an ambassador or donate! Linda Quirk, Runwell Founder, demonstrates below. 

1) Print the #UNselfie placard
2) Write why you give 
3) Smile! Have someone take a photo of you displaying your message
4) Post photo to social media, use tags below

Click here to print the Runwell #UNselfie template

Twitter: @Runwell1 #UNselfie #GivingTuesday

Facebook: @Runwell #UNselfie #GivingTuesday

Instagram: @Runwell1 #UNselfie #GivingTuesday

How your support helps Runwell:

Runwell's mission is to provide addiction recovery solutions by funding existing treatment scholarship programs along the continuum of care. Our funding is encouraged by individual athletes who give their time to train, who put one foot in front of the other, thousands of times over, who speak up about addiction to help shift the worldview and the perception from one of disgrace to one of acceptance and hope. Each donation strengthens our beliefs, that our ambition and passion will lift the stigmas associated with addiction, developing healthier communities along the way. Runwell is able to award a chance at recovery to addicts that may have never had a chance otherwise, because of the generosity of individuals who give their time, their voice, their money, their enthusiasm, their encouragement, giving a part of themselves to help others.

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