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Give a Race this Giving Tuesday

In early April, Runwell announced a new initiative with Gateway Community Services, Inc., a nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida to incorporate a running and wellness program as a complement to clinical treatment for the disease of addiction. 

On April 25th, Runwell held an inaugural meeting with Gateway staff, alumni and patients undergoing treatment for addiction. They discussed setting goals, nutrition, and training for their first race in a few months. 

In July, 28 runners in the program ran their first race, and all 28 of them finished.  

Addiction can cause physical and mental damage, and incorporating healthy habits early in recovery can encourage healing for both the body and the psyche. These individuals believe in recovery, and with each milestone they reach or finish line they cross, they are learning to believe in themselves. 

Help their journey to long-term recovery, click the image below to #GiveARace this #GivingTuesday


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