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Crowdfunding is having a moment. Embrace it.

Crowdfunding is having a moment. Whether you’re an individual donating for a friend’s cause or an event manager setting up fundraising efforts, there are many online platforms you can turn to in times of need to help raise money. Some of the more popular sites include GoFundMe, Indiegogo, YouCaring, GiveForward, Fundly, and CrowdRise. The latter is a great resource for the athletic community as it is an official fundraising partner for major races such as the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon, with many smaller runs and walks joining the ranks.

CrowdRise for Events

Fundraising is made simple through CrowdRise’s partnership with Eventbrite. This provides
event organizers and participants with a seamless integration between event registration on
Eventbrite and fundraising on CrowdRise.

Another appeal of CrowdRise for event organizers is the ability create events with multiple
charity teams. This is an easy way to help spread the word about an event and raise more funds. Support is key, and with a free web site, custom branding, and an account manager to help raise funds, CrowdRise provides a solid foundation for success.

CrowdRise for Individuals

From medical expenses to wedding planning, CrowdRise is a great source for collecting
donations whatever the cause. One idea that has really taken off is the birthday fundraiser.
Instead of receiving gifts from family and friends, many people set up pages for donations which
are then given to their charity of choice. Turning 40? Instead of a party, try to raise $4,000 for a
good cause.

How it Works

1. Set up your fundraiser for free, in under one minute.

2. Spread the word using social media and email, linking directly to your page. CrowdRise
has hosted many successful campaigns and offers expert advice on everything from how
to word your page to how and when to thank those who donate.

3. As the payments come in, your fee is a nominal 3% (other sites charge as much as 8%).
You collect $97 for every $100. There are no penalties if you do not meet your goal and
there are no deadlines.

4. Earn points, you’ve done good.

In addition to an easy and cost-effective platform, CrowdRise offers some interesting (and at
times humorous) bonuses. CrowdRise Impact Points are like a reward system for spending that
they joke is “definitely a reflection of your charitable life.” For every dollar you donate or
collect, you receive 10 points, plus additional points if you visit and interact with them on social
media. Points are then used for swag in their shop. This could be a t-shirt or advertising space on their homepage. Or, pasta. And, possibly in the future, a haircut.

Reading the CrowdRise blog is as entertaining as browsing the shop. It also serves as an
invaluable resource for fundraisers. They feature interviews with people who have successful
campaigns, offer tips for marketing, and spotlight a wide array of causes to help inspire and
spread the word. Their motto is “if you don’t give back no one will like you” and they are
walking the walk when it comes to giving back to their customers.

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