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Altitude Training with a Tire Drag

We recently shared Linda’s next adventure, the Tor Des Geants, with an elevation gain of 78,700 feet). Training for altitude when you live at sea level means you’ll be using some pretty interesting methods to simulate running and/or living at altitude.

At 62, Linda regularly travels around the country and attending events and visiting with family (there are several little ones that call her grandma). She’s used to pausing a family reunion for a “quick” 18-miler, but doesn’t stay at altitude long enough at one time to reap the full benefit of a “live high, train low environment,” which is the altitude training method shown to produce the greatest results. Several studies say it takes 21 to 28 days for the body to begin to make adaptation, but training at altitude, even if briefly, can be in every runner’s best interest.

Just like in most cases, Linda’s altitude training will need some improvisations, like creating resistance by dragging a tire on the aspalt. Her husband Randy cleverly narrates while Linda completes her drill.  

Linda, and the Runwell team are an example that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, whether it’s training for an endurance race at 63, or finding the support and care you need to overcome an addiction or mental illness.


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