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Addiction Stories from Around the Web

Have some time to kill? We've got you covered with our compilation of recent addiction-related news that we think you'll enjoy. 

Treatment On Demand?

In an effort to address Baltimore’s drug epidemic, health officials are pushing for faster, easier access to treatment. But will treatment on demand actually help any the city’s 20,000 heroin addicts? If the 1,000 calls per week to a new hotline are any indication, it would appear that this is a step in the right direction for public health.

Celebrities Share Addiction Stories

Funny man Marc Maron talks with musician and celebrity rehab guru Bob Forrest. As the two recovering addicts seemingly laugh through the pain of Forrest’s tragic life story, some colorful tales emerge about the L.A. music scene of the 1980s and the singer’s self-proclaimed “obsession” with sobriety and addiction treatment.  

Navarro Speaks Out

Dave Navarro speaks with The Dinner Party Download about his documentary Mourning Son and coming to terms with the death of his mother who was murdered by her ex-husband in the 1980s. Navarro discusses finding catharsis through touring with Jane’s Addiction, filmmaking, and sharing stories with other recovering addicts. His stories provide heartfelt insights on trauma, survivor guilt, and the mythical concept of closure.

LSD to Beat Addiction?

Researchers are making some exciting new discoveries on the effects of LSD on the brain.  "Scientists have waited 50 years for this moment–the revealing of how LSD alters our brain biology," Professor David Nutt said. The team behind the study believes the use of LSD can aid with treatment of depression and help people overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Inspiration for the First Step

Filmmaker, musician, recovering addict, and author of Harley Loco, Rayaa Elias, discusses how “the work brings you magic” with Elizabeth Gilbert on her Big Magic podcast. The anxiety of reaching success and perfection can prevent many people from beginning a project, which Elias says will “eat you alive.” Sometimes it’s all about the process and the act of self-forgiveness will move you forward. This motivational podcast series is not just for creatives, but anyone looking to find passion in what they do, and the inspiration to take the first steps. Other guests in the series include Wild author Cheryl Strayed and John Hodgman.


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