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Achieve Endeavors You Never Thought Possible  

Runwell continues to partner with exciting organized running events, from half and full marathons to ultramarathons. Our athletes have access to experienced and knowledgeable coaches and training programs for all levels. With Runwell, you have the opportunity to achieve and accomplish endeavors beyond your perceived limits while giving others the opportunity to live better, healthier lives.

Join us at a Runwell Partner Event:

May 2, 2015                     TNF Endurance Challenge, New York

May 16, 2015                   Great Wall Marathon and Half Marathon

July 18, 2015                   TNF Endurance Challenge, Canada

August 15, 2015              Eastern States 100

September 26, 2015       TNF Endurance Challenge Utah

October 3, 2015              TNF Endurance Challenge, Wisconsin

October 4, 2015              Atacama Crossing

November 1, 2015          New York City marathon

December 5, 2015          TNF Endurance Challenge, California

(*TNF-The North Face)

You Can Also Run for a Cause Closer to Home!

You can still Runwell, even If you are unable to make it to one of our partner events. Consider getting a group of friends together to train for and run a race in your community. Here’s what you do:

1. Find your preferred race, sign up, pay registration fee.

2. Go to and register for Event of Choice.

3. Add details about the race you will be running.

4. You will be provided with a fundraising page you can customize and send to friends and family for support.

From there, your family and friends can join your team and run with you, or support your efforts to run for a cause! You can designate funds raised to support a local addiction treatment center, or you can choose to support Runwell’s national efforts.

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