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4 Easy Tools to Winterize Your Running Shoes

The most common winter running injuries are caused by falls on the slippery ice and snow. Do what you can to avoid a blunder by winterizing your running shoes. There are a couple of ways to make your shoes safer for winter:

Screw shoes

Screw shoes are a popular and inexpensive way to add traction to your running shoes, and as the name suggests, you insert screws to the soles of your shoes that act as cleats or spikes, providing superior traction on the snow and ice:

Goat Head SoleSpikes and IceSpike

These are two similar products (we couldn’t tell a difference) are specially designed traction spikes that screw directly into the sole of your running shoe (or any outdoor shoe).

But, you don’t have to buy special screws, you can simply use ½ - ¼-in screws that you have in your garage (traction isn't as great) and your electric drill. You can use a screwdriver, but the drill is much easier if available. 

If you have shoes with gel or air pockets, you will need to be strategic about where you insert the screws, otherwise, insert them on the treads where you think they will work best for you. Some people prefer more under the ball of the foot and others need more in the heel area. When winter is over, your shoes won’t be ruined! You can just remove the screws and hit the road!


The Yaktrax RUN is anatomically designed to meet the needs of runners during the winter months. You can run naturally on packed snow and ice with the Yaktrax Run's combination of removable spikes and steel coils, allowing you to continue your training with the same stability you are accustomed to on dry surfaces.

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