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2015 New Year's Resolutions a Runner Can Stick to

Resolutions shmesolutions, right? It doesn’t have to be that way! With just 12 days remaining in 2014, try adding a little zest your goals for 2015.

Give back

Shocking that this is at the top of our list, right? But really, supporting a charity whose mission you are passionate about is one of the best resolutions you can make, year after year. Do some research (well, you’re already here, so might as well check out some of our events and our mission to get you started!) and find some organizations that you’re interested in and find out what they need and how it fits your schedule and budget. Then, simply commit!

Run at least one mile every day, until you can’t

This might be one of the most challenging in this short list, and it may not work for those in training (those pesky off days). Get a group of friends to join you and have a friendly competition, use the buddy system for extra motivation. Document your experience on social media for accountability. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, injuries and illnesses happen, and need rest. You can always start again once you’re feeling better.

Diversify your diet

You don’t have to get fancy or crazy with this one, more like take a tiny step away from your go-to foods by taking a common ingredient you use and finding new recipes that incorporate that ingredient. See? Easy. Love sweet potatoes? Instead of eating simply as a side, baked with butter, try incorporating them into a green drink (they blend like a dream), or in a soup or salad. Reach out to your friends and colleagues who like to cook (or think they want to try) to exchange recipes and talk tastes - you might be surprised by what you discover you like.

Set one PR

Ok, this might be run of the mill as far as runners’ resolutions go, but it’s here because it’s a good one, and it keeps you from following your run of the mill training routines. You have to do at least one thing differently in order to run a better race, so set your sights on improving one or two facets of bigger picture by reflecting on past races to find the areas you could improve upon. It can be easy to go overboard though, so always be realistic.

Get out of your comfort zone, complete your first triathlon

Easier said than done, but that's why it's on the list. We suggest first hitting up all your triathlon friends for some tips and to borrow some gear to get started (or at least get some advice on the essentials). You may have to tackle (or suppress) your fear of open water, but we promise your motivation will be invigorated by setting a goal that involves a new sport. You’ll meet new people and may just find your athletic goal for 2016.

Get out of your comfort zone, go to yoga (really, this time)

How many times a year do you say something like, “Man, I have been meaning to try yoga…”? Well it’s about time you actually did it. Yoga has about a million positive benefits, not only for your running but for your whole self. It takes some serious patience as well as strength, both mentally and physically, which helps in the day-to-day and unexpected challenges life will give you throuhout 2015. 

Tell us: What are your 2015 resolutions? 

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