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JULY 7, 2020

Runwell's Forbidden Five 5K

Minimum Fundraising: $25.00

Virtual, Online

Pandemic-induced social distancing makes traditional races pretty much impossible. Virtual runs and “races” seem like the only alternative for now. But let’s be honest: virtual runs can’t really be races if everyone runs different courses with varying elevation changes, surfaces, turns, obstacles, and other factors that make it impossible to compare times and rank finishers. If you’ve been waiting for a real race where you can throw down times against people running the same course and conditions, get ready for this.

Runwell’s Forbidden Five (asynchronous) 5K is here. From July 1 - 7, do your best on a USATF Certified Course along Forbidden Drive in the beautiful Wissahickon Valley section of Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. While running the closest thing to a real race anyone has seen since March, you will help someone break the grip of addiction and begin a life of sobriety.

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