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Tor Des Geants is just days away

Linda's prepped and ready to take on Tor Des Geants in just a few days

Pursuit of Altitude with UCAN

Linda Quirk is training for Tor des Geants, total elevation gain of 78,700 feet

Training Over 60: Jumping Hurdles

Linda talks about tackling obstacles that threaten to derail her training for Tor des Geants

Training Over 60: Adventures in The Azores

Linda Quirk takes her training to the rugged terrain of The Azores for her first vertical run, followed by a 70k training race. Here’s what happened next.  

Altitude Training with a Tire Drag

In Linda's second installment of Training Over 60, she runs with a tire drag to simulate running in the mountains. 

Endurance Training Over 60: Assembling a Tire Drag

In preparation for Tor Des Geants, Linda Quirk assembles a Tire Drag to help her build strength and endurance. 

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