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Find out the latest news about RunWell and its partners here on our blog. Its all there... from running and race highlights to inspiration bout the alcohol treatement and recovery to advice for parents struggling with a loved one's addiction and more.

"If Nobody Knows, Nobody Gets Hurt, Right?"

Daniel Bridges shares his story of addiction and his struggle to get sober. 

9 Reasons Recovering Addicts Run

Mark Matthews explains nine reasons recovering addicts turn to running. 

It Took the Jaws of Life to Stop My Drinking

Alison's last day drinking ended with the jaws of life freeing her from her mangled car. 

Everyone Saw the Signs of My Addiction, Except Me

Taiza's alcohol abuse began as carefree fun in college and manifested into full-blown alcoholism 

On Recovery | First Year Sober vs. First Marathon

Author and recovering addict Mark Matthews compares his first year sober with his first marathon. 

Addiction: From the Spouse's Perspective

John shares the story of his wife's struggle with alcoholism and her strength and willingness to fight the demons of addiction every day. 

"Since I didn't use needles, I wasn't an addict"

Michael began drinking and smoking at a young age; addiction has played a major role in his life. He shares his story of addiction and how running became a crucial part of his recovery. 

Runwell 4 Life Fest: Inaugural Fundraising Event

Saturday, November 8th: the inaugural Runwell 4 Life festival includes family-friendly events to raise money for addiction treatment and a concert by Sugarland's Kristian Bush 

Mark's Story | Addiction, Recovery & Running

Recovery Month: Mark Matthews recounts his struggle with addiction and relapse and explains how running played a large role in his recovery. 

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